Starboard EvilTwin 74, German SURF, Jan–Feb 2009

Short characteristic: It does not matter if you sail down the line or in weak onshore wave conditions, the EVIL TWIN 74 convinces with an excellent planing performance top control and extremely variable turnability. Because of the excellent control and quiet running the EVIL TWIN 74 can be used as a flat water board and can be recommended to a less experienced wavesailor.

On shore:
Starboard shaper Tiesda You gave the board a subtle Swallow–Tail and a flat deck. A part from that, the board has the approved Starboard features: One screwdriver fits all (incl. US–Box fin screws), comfortable heel cushions underneath the footpads absorb landings from the third floor and the footstraps, which are not only fast to adjust, but also easy to make bigger. The 16cm long fins are very wide, especially at the base.

In the water:
At first view the Evil Twin reminds of the narrow, unsteady Acid from the previous year, and maybe this is the reason one expects a wobbly, challenging board. But the board quickly disabuses you, because at all times the Twinser lies solidly and stable in the water, accelerates fast, although the board does not get the same acceleration like the Fanatic. Also big barrels can be crossed easily and as well in very strong wind and choppy conditions the board stays always super controllable. Hence the board is a good strong wind board in flatwater. In wave conditions the board ranks, together with the F2 and the JP, among the best allrounders. The Starboard makes much speed on the wave and is able to make turns in all imaginable radii. In fast down–the–line conditions the rails have a really good grip, like normally known from radical boards. Furthermore the Evil Twin fascinates with very good turning qualities. A long drawn–out turn with much speed you always can vary and make narrower to hit the lip of the wave perfectly. Very low weight sailors see the Mistral and Fanatic more easy in terms of turning, but still the Starboard belongs to the three most universal twinser boards.

Surf–tip: Top all round–Twinser

Material: Gelcoat–Sandwich
Fins: Drake Evil 16,0 cm/US–Box/G10
Volume: 74 litre
Weight: 5.65 kg
Length: 230 cm
Width: 55.4 cm

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